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The results are in:  Poll 1 Results by co-comic

This next and last poll will run for the next 10 days (Ends on the 22th):

Est. Project Length: >1 Year
In other news, I'll be attending Delta-H Con this weekend. Another local anime convention. Will be sharing a table with a fellow local content creator which is nifty and a bit cheaper. If you're in town, gimmie a chat or hangout a bit! I always enjoy meeting cool folks at these events. At some point, I'd like to hit furry conventions in other states but with the costs and time...gotta hold off on that for now.

The next comic page will be delayed this weekend thanks to said event as usual. I must comment that WOAH! It's not even November yet & we've kept updates well compared to previous years since opening our Patreon. If this pace keeps up, the current chapter will be done on October. It's all thanks to my amazing team and hardcore fans. Who knows? Perhaps Chapter 7 could begin posting before the next year rolls around!   

With the webcomic trailer finished, it's time to start another side project. This will probably take a length of time to complete since it's going to be comic-related merchandise. It's going to rely on fan responses so please participate. The poll link is right below:

The poll will close sometime on the 12th of this month (7/12/17) so don't miss the deadline. After we count the votes and make a choice, a second poll will be made to pick the details & it will be up for another ten days. I'll update this journal as appropriate with the new poll as well. (I never used strawpoll before so I hope it doesn't bug out)

Right now, we're gonna decide which character of my comic is going to get their own figurine or plush of themselves. Amber is the older sister and Cliff is the younger brother. If you read my comic, they're the main characters. Later on, we're going to decide which clothes the winner will wear after this preliminary voting round. For now, let me explain the straightforward choices. We pick between plush or figurine.

Plush is a doll/stuffed toy. Fluffy and squishy. More economical and casual.

Figurine is like a statue/action figure. Hard and collectible. More exquisite, more pricey.

We're aiming for a modest size scale. I'm really into getting something physical for my story aside from the books and prints we've currently got. It will be awesome. Of course, comments/suggestions/concerns are free to be discussed in this journal. This is an open discussion after all. :)
After months of prep, it's finally here. Now I have something to show peeps in events/shows.

"Uematsu" did the animation while Comic Indie, a local group I'm with, did the sounds + effects. Here's his Pixiv:… Since he's Japanese, this is anime which is pretty cool to think about.

Of course, there's also the light novel trailer [I shared that here before] and the animation by itself but this vid's the one I want to feature to you guys. Enjoy! Like printing my first book, this was quite an enlightening experience!
2 out 5 conventions tabled this year. I may be able to meet my goal after all. I think I'll pass on Alamo City in a couple of weeks. My job might not like me taking too many breaks too soon and weekend gigs are exhausting. Plus, there's also my showings to think about. One of the things I learned there: I'll need to broaden merchandise variety. For me, this takes time so I'll not rush it. My next special fun project shall be ready for unveiling in around a month.Got some cool swag as well. 
One of my goals is to attend more conventions this year. I should make it to these local ones:

AggieCon (Done), Delta H Con, World Fantasy Con, maybe even Alamo City Comic Con.

*Update* ComicPalooza this weekend. (5/12 thru 14) I'll be going with a friend, the same one. If you're there and see me, we can chat.


The moment is here!

Feel free to contribute and share. I'll also be attending a few more conventions this year. I am so ready to spread the good news. :D
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Hello all, here's some news. As you know, we're currently in our usual post-chapter break. I would like to take a moment to reminisce 2016. The biggest change is switching to a new artist after having XxFenrierxX for the majority of the webcomic's run. It was a bumpy transitory period but now me and our new team member KarolyneRocha have gotten a good rhythm going. Here's to a brighter future for Crossing-Over. Clap

I attended my local annual, big comic convention for the first time as a 'co'-vender instead of a volunteer or attendee. It wasn't my first rodeo which helped but still, it felt like a big step up from when I first had tables. That was quite fun and with the new local group I've joined, more events may be possible too in 2017. It will be more work too but honestly, fun work hardly feels like work. Well, most of the time. =P (Razz) Adding onto that, the physical version of my comic's novelette side story, Crossing-Over: Forty Year Feud, was released on May after the actual story being completed at the start of the year. It was quite the experience reaching that far but that feeling of having something holdable in your hands is just amazing. Of course, I shared it with some local bookstores and comic shops as well. It's sort of hard to find mom and pop bookstores nowadays...Plus, I got it on Barnes & Noble's online too. La la la la  

The webcomic will resume later this month if not early next month. It's probably going to go at the same speed as we've been doing. Let's break it down, I roughly keep chapters to the standard length of 25-ish pages give or take. I update about once a week unless something occurs to the team to delay it. Popular manga updates one chapter a week! No colors but that's still blazing fast. Western comics obviously are quick too. So yeah, webcomics are generally slower.

A sequel to the Forty Year Feud is in the works and will be put on Amazon Kindle like its predecessor. I hope to finish that this year as my New Year's resolution. I think I will call it Shade Ops, hope you'll enjoy it if you liked the first story. B-) (Cool) I find it useful that I could further worldbuild my universe through novel form since certain elements may and will appear on the main comic at some point. I find making a sequel is a bit trickier because there's consistency to track, etc. but I'm confident that it will go well.

By the way, as of the next chapter of the CO webcomic (6 onward), we will be utilizing Patreon. I do believe it's time. Crossing-Over has been online for 5 years, 6 if counting the old site before the reboot. This is not meant to keep content away, but to give fans an opportunity to support us by making a commitment. There is also good growth potential: i.e. I could commission the new artist to remake the old pages to update their look if the funds were raised. For those who have been following CO since the beginning, this is how you can give back. It makes sense since the first five chapters make up Volume 1. More details will come after preparations are through. Right now, this is just a heads up. Don't be shy as to tell us what you would like featured in this upcoming system; Feedback is highly appreciated. =D (Big Grin) 

I should mention the VN project. "Camp Pawsum" It's on-hold for now. It taught me that game-making of any kind is a big project and kind of difficult to take on when one already has a webcomic and book to work on unless you've got nothing but free time which I lack such luxury. Like other creative endeavors, it was a great learning experience. There's strength in numbers. With life coming in, I might not start another secret project like I wanted to so soon lol. Who knows? Perhaps one day I could pick it back up if the stars align juuust right. Haha.

That's all for now. I usually don't type this much but this is a special occasion. Thanks everyone who reads Crossing-Over, y'all are great!
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It's here: Camp Pawsum

We're looking for some feedback and comments to get this ready for pitching as a project to be funded. Please let us know what you think. :) A lot of things in there are placeholders and the final product will look much more refined; I hope y'all like it! It's a Summer Camp quest for a gf! Furry T-rated stuff.
My novelette's First Edition is going to be changed into a Revised Edition which includes extra spelling and grammar checks. The main difference between the two will be the cover finish changed to glossy for that extra shine factor. For you collectors, this is the last week or two to order the 1st Edition before they roll out for the newer version of this story. The initial print run still has a few copies leftover though I'm not sure how long those things will stay available.

Things are happening the end of this month so I want to take care of a few things on my checklist. The current webcomic chapter is all planned out so now I can start on the next one. Priorities, priorities.

While it's a bit rough around the edges, my secret side/other project is almost ready. I shall share it eventually soon, but I think that it really should've been finished back at Summer. If it kicks off, I'll be happy to see it through but I wouldn't make a fuss over it if it's not meant to be.

Also noticed Halloween's coming up, it felt just like yesterday oddly...

Fun fact: I'm ISTJ, which is like 10% or less of people! (Well, when I last took the test a few years back.)
I'm changing my laptop AKA work computer. I've got quite an amount of files, apps and things to move over so I'll post when it's done. Linux, while a fun challenge, was pointless for my use since as a creative, I can't work on my comic or projects without proprietary software like Photoshop.

I almost don't wanna let go of my trusty Mac but the time has come.
I'm finally enjoying Summer, since last month. I'll enjoy it while it lasts, I need more work eventually. Meeting creators locally & interest groups is always fun. I've promoted my book in some local stores, it's quite the experience I tell ya.
I'm there. Hoping for a good weekend.
This weekend I'm getting my own place, with roomies. I'm not done yet and I'm already tired! The place is awesome though, relatively speaking. Next comic page is in the works. My side projects are well being worked too. Life's pretty okay overall.
You know, Batman vs. Superman. It's alright. I feel bad for Superman fans, the makers of this film seem to really hate him. Lex was the worst part of the film.
It was pretty cool and I had fun. Breaks like these are needed every now and then to keep going with life. My stuff needs to get taken care of as well. Apartment hunting is harder than I thought...
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Go get it now!

If you like reading my webcomic, then you should check this out. :) It's a side-story that builds the world and explores a new character. A physical book version is in the works slated for release later this year. This side project took about a year to completion and was kinda fun to do. I think I'll work on another side project now lol.

Webcomic will resume sometime next month. Hope you all will like what's in store...
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I see I've lost my "core" membership. Well, it wasn't called that back when I got it so whatever.

My lucky year of the goat has met with some bumps in the road along the way. Two instances recently which resulted in some/tiny loss of capital. Wasting money is one of my big peeves. Oh well, that's life I suppose.

Y'all enjoy Thanksgiving now, I know I will. Gonna participate on Black Friday too just for the heck of it, like I did last year for my computer screen. My B-day's also coming up and I've already made arrangements to treat myself. Disposable income, baybee.

Can't wait for my side project to be done after a whole year (it shouldn't have taken that long but eh, things happen). It'll give me time for another side project that I so want to get done. My webcomic isn't the only thing that I do ya know.

To watchers and readers: Keep being awesome people ^^ 
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Just for anyone who might be wondering why the webcomic is a bit laggy at this time.

With my comic's colorist busy with other matters, I'll need to find another one to do it for the time being. I kind of expected this to happen but a lot of my time lately has been busy with work duties so my proactivity has been affected. Also, me playing SMT: Strange Journey is not helping with productivity lol. Things should get better in a week, if not two.

This goes for my novella project too. All I can say right now is, these things are being worked on so yeah, it will be worth the weight. Such busy, wow.
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I pretty much got a new job so my schedule will become normalized. Hopefully, this will be a stable one for some time since I can't live off of seasonal gigs alone. So excited. I have some life plans that are certainly overdue which I will follow through with as soon as I can. What does this mean for my creative projects? It means I'll just have to manage my time and resources better. Making my webcomic is not something I will compromise easily so that's that. The side projects though, I will try my best to make time: cut back on funposting, comic books and video games, etc. Losing sight of priorities is not on my to-do list, which I still have now in whiteboard form.

It may not be a dream day job but at least it's not mass retail or fast food.
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